Posted by: aimhighclub | September 28, 2010

first ten speeches for a newbie Toastmaster

All new Toastmasters struggle with this Catch 22 , you want to learn public speaking but you have to do so by public speaking. Now comes up the big question about speech subject. As simple as it may sound to veteran TMs but it’s quite an issue for starters.

Toastmaster’s Competent Communicator (CC) manual is a great help in easing new TMs anxiety. The manual details speech projects and helps in providing directions, ideas on speech topics.

For starters easiest topics generally  are  true life events, first CC  speech Ice Breaker helps users ease into Public Speaking . Ice Breaker speech  ideas vary from anything about you, your likings, topics that you are passionate about.First 10 speech topics can vary from your childhood games to your trips across the world.

As young speakers soon realize that TM club offers a  very supportive environment. Your fellow members are ready to help you, and actually want to listen to you speeches. As you move along further in TM life, picking speech topics becomes easy.

Practice is key for Toastmasters, it helps to start early, many folks utilize time in car. Your own environment provides best ideas, if you are proud of something and want to share here is your speech idea; if you donot like someting and want to change the world…we you got an  idea for next speech.

For starters, you must understand club members are there to help you.

How do you come up  with new ideas, share with us your motivation.  Here is a good link providing details on first 10 speeaches for starters  Link]


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