If you’re reading this because you’ve never been to a Toastmasters meeting before, and you’d like to know a little about our club in particular, it’s only fair to start by telling you that the whole Toastmasters International organization is pretty spectacular. Every club provides a respectful and compassionate environment where you can learn public speaking skills without fear. All Toastmasters, anywhere, in any club in this country, and in any club in the world, are going to support you and wish you well.

The Toastmasters meeting environment is like a laboratory where you can experiment, and where you learn by trial and error.

While we are considered an educational organization by definition, there are many benefits beyond the educational. We’re great people to network with and party with. We are smart, sharp, creative, funny, intelligent, generous people. We celebrate diversity. We believe that none of us is as good as all of us. Each week’s meeting is an exercise in cooperation and synergy.

Our club has members of both genders, all ages, many religions and races, different political persuasions, and diverse temperaments. Every meeting is a mixed bag and a magical mystery tour. Because we meet during the lunch hour, our meeting is tightly scripted and fast paced so everyone can get back to work in a timely manner.

Come and visit. You will not be pressed into joining or even participating. Just check us out. We love visitors and when you show up we have a bigger audience. And it’s the only way to determine if this club is right for you.

Where Do We Meet:  701 W 51st Street (Corner of Lamar and 51st)

When: Wednesday 12PM to 1PM

Room: Conference Room 103 W

Room 103W.Our club – Aim High Toastmasters Club meets every Wednesday at noon for 1 hour, in the Winters Building on 701 W 51st Street Room 103W.


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