How to Join

Once you have visited Toastmaster a few times and feel that our club is right for you, it is time to join. Joining AIM HIGH Toastmasters is easy! You will fill out a brief application and submit it, along with the club dues, to the Treasurer.

All new members must pay a one-time $20.00 new member fee which goes to Toastmasters International. This fee pays for your new member kit, which includes your basic communication and leadership manual. This manual contains the first 10 speech projects you will present.

In addition to the new member fee, you will pay the normal club dues, which are $33 every 6 months. Dues will be pro-rated depending on what month you join. Once you join, the $33 club dues are payable April 1 and October 1 of each year. Included in your membership is a monthly subscription to The Toastmaster, an interesting and informative magazine published by Toastmasters International.

Your name and contact information will be added to the AIM HIGH Toastmasters member roster. This information is kept private and is used for club business only. We will also add your email address to our club schedule list, which we rely on for communication regarding each week’s meeting.

Once you join, you will be encouraged to participate in meetings right away. Get on the schedule to give your first speech, called the “Ice Breaker” speech. In the meantime, you can sign up to serve various meeting roles, such as Timer, Grammarian, or Invocator.


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