Meeting Format

A typical meeting of  Aim High Toastmasters meeting goes something like this:

Call to Order: The President calls the meeting to order.

Invocation: A designated Toastmaster gives an invocation or positive thought for the day.

Guest Introductions & Club Business: The presiding officer asks guests to introduce themselves and briefly conducts club business.

Toastmaster: A designated Toastmaster called the Toastmaster of the Day begins the program.

Timekeeper: The Toastmaster introduces the Timer. This person records the length of time of each person speaks. When asked, the timekeeper reports whether the speaker was within time limits.

Word Provider-Ah Counter-Grammarian (WAG): The Toastmaster introduces the WAG. This person presents the Word of the Day (to be used once by each speaker), listens for filler words like “ah”, “uh” and “um,” and listens for the incorrect use of English grammar. When the General Evaluator asks for the WAG report, the WAG provides the results.

Joke Master: An assigned club member tells a short joke.

Prepared Speeches: The Toastmaster introduces each scheduled speaker, and they give the speeches they have prepared. Most of the speech projects are designed to help the speaker develop a specific speaking skill.

Table Topics: The Toastmaster introduces the Table Topics Master. The Table Topics Master presents a topic or question and chooses a Toastmaster at random to speak on the topic extemporaneously for one to two minutes, as time allows. Three or four table topics are presented at each meeting.

General Evaluator: A designated Toastmaster leads the evaluation portion of the meeting, introduces the evaluators, asks for the timekeeper and WAG reports, evaluates the meeting as a whole, and awards the Spark Plug Award.

Speech Evaluations: Each prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator. These Toastmasters give evaluations of the prepared speeches, providing both positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Voting: Once the evaluations are complete, meeting attendees vote on Best Speaker, Best Table Topic, and Best Evaluator. (Speakers who went over their allotted time are not eligible for a speech award.)

Timekeeper’s Report: The Timer reports the speaking times for any speaker that did not speak long enough or went over the allotted time.

WAG Report: The grammarian gives a report of each speaker’s use of filler words, use of English, and use of the Word of the Day.

Awards: The Toastmaster presents the award ribbons for Best Table Topics Speaker, Best Evaluator, and Best Speech.

Adjourn: Prior to adjourning the meeting, the President will recognize guests and silent Toastmasters (those club members who did not speak during the meeting) and make final announcements.


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