Miles and Miles of Open Road                            

(Posted by Ram Ganapathy)

The theme of our meeting was “Travel”.

Our wonderful meeting began with a call for adventure by our immediate past president, Lisa Merrill who was also the invocator for the day. Also it was on this note that the entire meeting progressed, commencing with a call for vote by members for a 20 year championship speeches DVD collection. Woohoo, the vote sailed through without any chairs, dusters and tables flying through the room. We then had our new member induction ceremony where the club approved Rhonda’s membership by a narrow margin with all the hanging chads etc. It was so close that Rhonda’s jolly partner, Roland had to promise all the “Ay”-Sayers a happy hour << of course we are just kidding here. So don’t get any hopes up for the happy hour >>

 Today was also a ground breaking day where-in our newly inducted member, Rhonda gave her ice breaker. She took us on a personal and moving journey about overcoming odds in life with her hole in her heart to working in Hospice to then working at DADS. Her speech was a winner through and through as Rhonda incorporated humor, drama and an easy style. She was followed by our Miss Aim High, Diana Mortensen who encouraged all of us to drink more and why drinking is good for all of us. Her speech brought the house down. We sure hope the folks at Alcoholics Anonymous don’t get to hear this one!

 We then had a lightning table topics led by our costa-rican farmgirl Barbara Wright who called Trisha and our guest Ramesh to the stage. This was followed by a condensed evaluation of 2 minutes by Ram and J.T who evaluated Rhonda’s and Diana’s speech respectively.  Our General Evaluator was Trisha Thompson.

 Overall our meeting today was punctuated with jokes from our Toastmaster of the day Krishna Govindan who cracked about how TSA is touching more junk than eBay << Did you all know that the only place in Texas where TSA is yet to touch is Austin >> and the presence of three wonderful guests, Laura, Jake and Ramesh.  Thank you guys, we appreciate your visit and all of us at Aim High look forward to more of your participation.

 Finally, just before the gavel went down, our Presiding officer Ram praised Aim High for having all its 7 officers trained in the first 6 months and handed the gift of the advanced communication series manuals from the District55 governor to Trisha Thompson who is our past President, current secretary and the keeper of our  secrets.

 Special Kudos to Our Ribbon Winners and Spark Plug Winner:

Best Table Topics: Ramesh (Guest)
Best Speaker: Rhonda Bozeman
Best Evaluator: J.T McMillen
Spark Plug: Rhonda Bozeman
Word of the day(Sridhar Adapalli): Peregrinate
Notable guests: Laura, Jake and Ramesh.

Oh my … what a meeting it was. And those of you who missed today, don’t worry, walk right in on Wednesday, December 8th for another fun filled extravaganza …


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