Dont Worry …Be Happy!                                                                                                                   

(Posted by Ram Ganapathy)   

The theme of our meeting was “Holidays”.

Today’s meeting was a 5 man army of sorts both literally and figuratively as we had 5 people running the show, what with most of our Toastmasters out for holiday luncheons, parties and get-togethers, it was left to some dedicated Toastmasters to work overtime and push the envelope to create a packed room of sorts.

Our Toastmaster of the day, Lisa Merrill led us to a different meeting room in 560W due to scheduling conflicts with our regular room of 103W. We then faced a locked door and had the security folks run up the stairs to open the place for us.

Despite all the hiccups and snafu, Lisa still managed to pull a rabbit out of her hat to run an action packed, entertaining meeting that featured a new guest Niko who left duly impressed.

A big part of that impression was because our theme of Holidays set the mood and the Joke master of the day, Trisha kept it going by cracking some Santa Jokes and how a plate of salad is better than cookies and milk for Santa. That definitely is some food for thought as Santa has shown no problems in squeezing down the chimney all these years.

The action continued further with a very appropriate speech by Junious on How to Take Care of Guests. What a wonderful speech it was. No wonder we call him the man of many words and have made him our V.P of Ed. Way to go Junious! And yes it is also duly noted that you kept time and counted votes as well.

Junious’s evaluator was Ram who also doubled up as the WAG. Ram offered some useful inputs for Junious on his speech and commended Junious for coming up with such a wonderful speech idea that rightfully left our guest in tears with happiness. All right we are kidding on that last part but nonetheless our guest Niko was very happy to hear a speech on guests. Ram was also the G.E and offered some ideas to further improve our wonderful meetings.

Trisha was the table topics Master and invited Lisa and our guest Niko. Lisa spoke about Christmas traditions and Niko on Thanksgiving. It was a fun session and Niko won the ribbon for the best table topics. Congrats Niko, we hope you visit us more and continue to pile up the trophies.

Ram closed the meeting by thanking Lisa for rallying such a fast paced meeting. Infact someone had to remind all of us at the end that we only had 5 folks today. Didn’t feel like that. What a meeting it turned out to be especially when our new member, the lovely Rhonda came in at 1 PM. << Looks like she missed catching that daylight savings we had in November >>

Special Kudos to Our Ribbon Winners and Spark Plug Winner:

Best Table Topics: Niko (Guest)
Best Speaker: Junious
Best Evaluator: Ram
Spark Plug: None
Word of the day (Ram): Happy
Notable guests: Niko.

Those of you who missed watching the five man army today, don’t worry, you still have a chance to be part of the army when you walk right in on Wednesday, Dec 15th for yet another amazing Toastmaster experience …


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