Shop till You Drop!     

(Posted by Ram Ganapathy)         

The theme of our meeting was “Holiday Shopping”.

With just 10 days to go before Santa visits our homes, the kids waking up to the screams of “Merry Christmas” and the festive din of gift wraps being torn open in excitement, the contagious mood hustled and bustled into our meeting as well. The theme of Holiday Shopping rocked the place with a click and a snap invocation from Diana Mortensen who reminded us to keep our hearts open during this giving season.

Speaking of hearts and ones that have stopped beating, our Joke master Krishna took us on a rib tickling journey to the pearly gates with his dominating and submissive man joke. It was downright funny and left the room bursting with laughter.

Then our featured speaker Diana took us on a poignant journey with her project 8 from the CC manual with a speech on Gift of Giving. The speech touched our hearts as Diana shared with us how she takes in homeless kittens, feeds them, teaches them and transitions them to adapt to the wild and she does this all so the cats can avoid being euthanized. Her story was told in just 7 powerful slides that reminded all of us in the audience to open our hearts and help the helpless animals.

Our meeting was rocked even further when our Table Topics master, Trisha called a bunch of unsuspecting lambs and challenged them to tell us about their best place to shop, Best man shop, Best gift they have ever given, Best gift they have ever received. First up was Sridhar who told us about the teddy bear he gave to his wife was the best gift he has ever given << Next time you see Sridhar ask him if his wife still has it >> Ramesh then stepped up and told us that the best “Man-shops” are the ones that have a chair for him to sit and he even encouraged the men to shop at Target as they have several chairs to sit while the womenfolk do the shopping. Then came Diana who told us the best place to shop is Kohl’s and that her entire family loves Kohl’s. << Wow thanks Diana, no wonder Kohl’s shares are at a 52 week high>> After that came Krishna who regaled us with the best gift he ever got. Incase you are wondering, the gift was a T-shirt. What did you think it was? The Kohinoor Diamond!

But truth be told, Krishna cherishes that gift like a Kohinoor diamond.

And just when Trisha thought the Table Topics was over, the crowd pulled a fast one on the TT Master Trisha and asked her to speak about the best gift she ever got. Talk about the tables being turned! Trisha quickly found herself and talked about a silly gift from her husband <<We got the message Trisha and with just 10 days to go before Christmas we sure hope your husband gets off the chair from the best “Man-shop” at Target and buys you a wonderful gift>>

Trisha then handed control to the G.E, Krishna who called on Ram to evaluate Diana’s speech. Ram provided useful feedback for Diana and suggested a couple of significant points to add to her repertoire.

 Special Kudos To Our Ribbon Winners and Spark Plug Winner:

Best Table Topics: Ramesh Danala
Best Speaker: Diana Mortensen
Best Evaluator: Ram Ganapathy
Spark Plug: Diana Mortensen
Word of the day (Trisha): Hustle and Bustle

Finally before we go, the next meeting is on December 22 and it will be our last meeting of the first decade in this millennium. And to celebrate that occasion we are throwing a Cake party. So bring your friends, co-workers and even your managers and let us all raise our glasses and celebrate this festive season …


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