Love is in the AIR!                                        

(Posted by Ram Ganapathy)

The theme of our meeting was “Flying Home”.

And what a flight it was – the holiday party, the table topics and some of the most delectable cakes to go with a punch that would have sent Floyd Mayweather into retirement. Indeed our last meeting was not just the last one for this year but also the last meeting for the first decade in this millennium << And so for those of you who so wanted to be there but just couldn’t make it … too bad, you missed your chance for a Kodak moment in history >>

Our meeting began with an invocation of love and giving by Krishna who reminded everyone of the spirit of the season and the ghosts of Christmases past and why love is so important in everyone’s life. What an invocation that was as Megan our featured speaker took Krishna’s words to heart and bestowed us with “Love’s Expressions”, her first speech from the Advanced manual series. Megan invited the audience to grab the holiday blank papers in front of them and to draw, write and participate in her speech. And since it was the spirit of the season and as everyone heard Krishna’s call for love, the audience actually obliged and went along with the fun and learnt that words, gifts, acts are some of the expressions that can help show your love.

The speech was followed by a watershed moment for Aim High as the some of the members who participated in the table topics session led by Topicsmaster Ram, unshackled the chains of prim & proper by just letting go and letting it happen in the answers and what fun their answers turned out to be << Did someone sneak in Vodka into the punch or what >>

The tabletopics were centered around our theme and members were invited to play roles of agents, passengers and even the homeland security chief. Sridhar was our Agent1 and in response to,”Have you told your wife about your job?”, Sridhar provided a very funny answer and also let loose some funny bolts at the TSA when checking well muscled men. Then came passenger1 (“If you were single Will you ever date a TSA agent”) Diana who tore the place down by saying that she will demand an open and honest relationship with her agent man and that he better tell her his feelings when he checks men and also when he checks the women. She was followed by the lucky passenger(“Do you think America is now a safer place because TSA ignored your junk”) Krishna who told us that he was not really lucky and TSA indeed validated his junk. Then came Kathyrn Johnson “Do you agree that TSA should FIRST take you out for dinner before doing their job”. Kathyrn told us that yes TSA should do that and more. Speaking of more, Ramesh joined in the fun as well (“Did you become an agent because Shania Twain lives near your airport?”) by giving an answer that connected to the theme of the day. Our winner was guest Jon who played the role of homeland security chief and brought the house down with his answer to “Were you getting back at your uncle when you came up with this idea?”. Jon responded that his uncle was indeed a creepy guy who gave him quite an amount of grief and so he indeed came up with this idea because if he could take that from his uncle then so can we << Hmm.. we don’t think we can Jon, but we think your answer was hilarious >>

The packed room that included a record 7 guests thought so as well and we ended the session on a high note. Ram then handed control back to our Toastmaster Trisha who proceeded to invite the GE Krishna. Krishna then made some recommendations for improvements and called Diana (double duty as well) to evaluate Megan’s speech. It was Diana’s first time as an Evaluator and hearing her would have hardly let you believe that. She provided useful inputs for Megan to carry forward.

Special Kudos To Our Ribbon Winners and Spark Plug Winner:

Best Table Topics: Jon (Guest)
Best Speaker: Megan Maldonando
Best Evaluator: Diana Mortensen
Word of the day (Rhonda): Celebration
Spark Plug: Megan Maldonando
Notable guests: Jon, Kathryn, Ramesh, Thad, Massood, Victoria, Dolores

And yes this was our last meeting for the year 2010 and for the first decade in this millennium as well. So Happy New year to all of you and for those of you who missed Megan’s fabulous spread of Carrot cake, chocolate cake and a holiday rocking punch that would have indeed put Floyd Mayweather to the canvas, don’t worry, there will be an encore in the December of 2011. But for now Merry Christmas and happy holidays …


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