Wednesday  (Nov 17 2010)

 Say It Like You Mean It !!!
(Posted by Ram Ganapathy)
The theme of our meeting was “Slang Phrases”.
The meeting began with a wonderful call for being thankful and to appreciate your blessings in life by our Invocator of the day, the Aim High dynamo Lea Franks. Our presiding officer Ram Ganapathy then introduced the Toastmaster of the day J.T McMillen (J.T) who also happens to be Aim High’s sharp shooter when it comes to a quick draw of ready speeches from the hip. J.T introduced his team and participant roles for the benefit of newer members and guests. He then called his WAG of the day (word –grammarian –Ah counter), Diana Mortensen, our energetic, motivated and beautiful Toastmaster. Diana provided the word of the day “Extol”. J.T then invited his joke master of the day Ram Ganapathy who cracked a joke about a parrot and the burglar. Ram also made a tall claim that the joke was a true story based on a Christmas incident last year in the Westlake area.
After seeing the crowd softened up now, J.T moved on to call his speakers. Our first speaker was Sridhar Adapalli, one of the rising stars of Aim High. Sridhar was speaking his penultimate speech towards his Advanced Communication Silver << woohoo >> and he regaled us with his parenting story. It was a fun speech that evoked laughter all around. Though Sridhar’s speech was a hard act to follow, our second speaker Barbara Wright managed to hold her ground and shared with us her recollection about her grandparent’s farm. The highlight of her speech was when she removed her shoes and provided an unforgettable moment by prancing barefoot in front of the audience.
J.T then invited his table topics Master (T.T master) who also happened to look like him, walk like him and also had the same nice white beard and all. How could that be? Hold on … it was J.T himself who did a double duty. The T.T master called 4 participants (in other words 4 unsuspecting goats) to the altar and encouraged them to utter a slang, give its meaning and speak on it. Our first goat was Lea who spoke about the Beast, the second goat was Ram who spoke about the big fat cow, the third goat was Trisha and she was followed by the last goat of the day, Diana.
The table topics session was a blast. The energy was flowing and enthusiasm was bubbling all around. And obvious credit goes to our T.T master J.T for his careful selection of the goats and a build-as-you-go table topics session. Woohoo what fun it turned out to be. J.T then did his Houdini and donned back into his Toastmaster of the day role and invited his General Evaluator (G.E) who happened to be our stellar organizer, cheerleader and super woman, Megan Maldonado. What a gal.
Megan did a remarkable job as a G.E and kept the flow going with our stellar Evaluator line up of Lisa Merill who evaluated Sridhar’s speech and reminded him that laughter need not be a roll on the ground laughter but it can also be a good hearted laugh. Lisa was followed by Megan who also doubled up as the second evaluator. Megan evaluated Barbara’s speech and provided her valuable inputs for improvement. She then asked for the timekeeper report, WAG report and made some overall meeting improvement suggestions and then gave the spark plug of the week award to Ram Ganapathy for his roles as Presiding officer, Joke master and CLE of the day.
Megan then returned control to Toastmaster J.T who EXTOL-led about our wonderful meeting and then handed out awards. J.T then handed control back to presiding officer Ram who in turn extolled about J.T’s masterful job of running the meeting and rightfully awarded the spark plug to J.T for running one of the best meetings in recent times and going above and beyond to do so.
Ram then invited our guest of the day Amanda Winters to share her thoughts about the meeting. Amanda cracked that she is so glad to come to HER building (Good observation Amanda. We do meet in your namesake building — the winters building). Amanda was all praise and wondered if she could come to such a meeting every day.
Wow! Now that’s what Toastmasters is all about and that’s what Aim High is all about. Way to go club. Keep the energy going…
Special Kudos To Our Ribbon Winners and Spark Plug Winner:
Best Table Topics: Lea Franks
Best Speaker: Barbara Wright
Best Evaluator: Lisa Merill
Spark Plug: J.T McMillen
Word of the day: Extol
Last but not the least, our next meeting is on 24th November, just days before thanksgiving. So hold on to your turkeys and be there with your friends and guests for another fun-filled, energetic meeting where you can see and experience what Toastmasters is all about…

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