New Year … New Beginning

 (Posted by Ram Ganapathy)     

 The theme of our meeting was “New Beginning”.

Our first meeting of the year was lifted up by our last minute volunteer invocator Megan who dusted off an inspiring quote from  Socrates ,”Life that is not examined isnt worth living”. And as Socrates’s words hovered in the room, our inspired jokesmaster Ramesh took that a step further by sending off the mother-in-law for a date with Saint Peter.

Then our WAG, Barbara reminded us that there is no  dearth of good speakers at Aim High with her word of the day “Dearth” << Wow Barbara! That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help the other clubs God>>

It was then time to kick it up another notch with the speeches and Junious did so with his unmatched enthusiasm by speaking on “Aiming at Higher Targets”. The speech really set a tone to the new year by gently reminding everyone the importance of volunteering and participation and what being a Toastmaster is all about. He was then followed by Rhonda who showed the audience why it’s a good idea to carry a bag of rocks when walking alone in the dark woods with her speech on being “Tracked” by a panther in the woods of Louisiana.

Junious and Rhonda were evaluated by Ramesh and Diana who both provided wonderful inputs for our speakers after being invited to come on down with a rabble rousing introduction from our G.E for the day, Ram.

Amidst all this, we had our room rocking, always popular table topics led by our Topics Master Sridhar who invited J.T to tell us about,”A Significant thing that happened last year”. J.T rattled off a lightning response and then topped it off by concluding that he appreciates he married a great cook << Hmm … after 40 plus years of marriage we are certain his wonderful wife will be thrilled to hear that >>

J.T was followed by Lisa who responded to,”A Habit that she would like to change” would be to focus more on her life and enjoy meeting and spending time with people << Wow Lisa, you are already in the perfect place to do that — Toastmasters >>

Our final Tabletopics speaker was Dan who replied that he will join Unisys for the question of “If he is forced to change his career what would it be”.

And as our table topics concluded it was an eye popping reminder for everyone about the New beginning to the New year as every one of our speakers stuck to the theme by choice or design as we had each one of them appreciating a new beginning with their marriage, Life and Career. Even our featured speakers set the tone with messages of Aiming Higher and excercising prudence by carrying rocks in the dark woods << The truth is we wouldn’t be walking alone in the dark woods where panthers roam but if we did we will be carrying rocks for sure from this point onwards >>

Special Kudos To Our Ribbon Winners and Spark Plug Winner:

Best Table Topics: J.T and Lisa (It was a Tie)
Best Speaker: Junious Arrant
Best Evaluator: Diana Mortensen
Word of the day (Barbara): Dearth
Spark Plug: Rhonda Bozeman
Notable guests: Willie and Annie

Our meeting included 2 new guests Willie and Annie who expressed wonderful thoughts about Toastmasters and our well organized, laugh-filled meeting. << Thank you Willie and Annie, we look forward to seeing more of you in the future >>

Finally the first meeting of this year wouldnt have been as special as it turned out to be if not for a smooth running of the show by our Toastmaster of the day, Megan. And with that dear Aim Highers we are off to a fabulous start to begin another wonderful Toastmasters year in 2011 …


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